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November 25, 2010

10 days post-op!

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Bruising is still there under my eyes, and I think there is a bit of swelling still to go down on the right side of my face and the tip of my nose.

It is getting far less painful now, except for the tip, and I am still VERY stuffy-nosed.

There is still ever such a slight bump to my nose where the old hump used to be, but it is barely discernable, and actually I quite like it because it doesn’t look too “surgical”. What does everyone think?

Can still clearly see bruising under the right eye

Tip still appears swollen

Less swelling on this side

Can still see some bruising under left eye and cheek-swelling. Tip also still appears a little swollen


November 20, 2010

Nose-job – 5 days post-op!

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Continuing to improve fast. Spent the most comfortable night I have had in a week so far last night. Such a relief to get the cast off!

Itching and tingling is getting worse inside my nose, and I have no feeling in the tip at the moment. I can’t smell a thing, so had no idea that Jay had poo’d big time in the middle on the night and couldn’t for the life of me understand why he wasn’t settling!

My nose is totally bunged up with dried blood and various other gunge, and it seems to be sticking all around the internal stitches, which means I can’t try and pull it out because I risk pulling the stitiches out too. But after a hot steamy shower it softened a bit and got more comfortable, and today I started to be able to draw air in through my nose, so things are definitely improving.

One major and unexpected plus of all this is the swelling, combined with the fact that I can’t use my “smile” muscles at the moment, menas that I have the effect of having had a shot of Botox! I am WRINKLE-FREE right now!!! OK, so I’m also purple, blue and yellowy-green but NO wrinkles!!!

Everything is still very tender, but I am starting to be able to touch my nose and even wiggle bits a little bit. Why one would want to wiggle bits I can’t explain – but it feels good to be able to do it if one chooses to!

I am starting to see how I will look post-recovery now and I am – again – thrilled! After all this fear, pain, and discomfort, I have to say this has been worth Every. Single. Penny. I managed to have a shower and wash my face for the first time today – very very delicately with no pressure at all – but every day things get a little bit more manageable. Compared to other blogs I have read, I think I am recovering pretty well. It’s hard to believe when you look at me that I am actually only 5 days post-op right now. I expected to be looking far worse.

Side View

Front view

November 19, 2010

Nose-job – 4 days post-op!

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Feeling SO much better today! Days 2 and 3 were very uncomfortable. Ibuprofen took care of the pain for the most part, but it’s the little things like having to sleep sitting up, not being able to smile, not being able to breathe, that start to get to you after a while, in addition to the pain, bruising and swelling.

The swelling hit a peak around days 2-3, and then suddenly got better days 3-4. The bruising Ithink is pretty much at a peak now. One of the most uncomfortable feelings is the “tightness” and tingling in the stitches inside my nose. The infernal drip drip drip was really starting to get up my nose (boom boom!) and of course the itching under the cast was starting to drive me crazy.

Luckily my surgeon planned a trip to New York for next week, which meant I had to see him slightly earlier than normal to get the cast removed and the stitches taken out, but he assured me that those few days early won’t be an issue as long as I am careful.

I was surprised how much it hurt taking the cast off, and how much it didn’t hurt taking the stitches out! I thought it would be the other way around!!! Pulling off the cast felt like he was grabbing my nose and pulling it off – uncomfortable at the best of times but pretty horrendous right after surgery. But it only took a few moments and he was done. He only had 3 stitches to remove under my nose, and here his skill as a surgeon came into play I think as he went at them with forceps and a scalpel-like device – I barely felt a thing.

Here I am 4 days post op:

Front view - note yellowy bruising and still quite swollen.

I am absolutely THRILLED with the results! now my only regret is that I didn’t do this years ago! I still have a lot of bruising and swelling, but the basic shape is there and you can see a MAJOR difference between how it used to be and how it is now.

Hump completely gone and nose tilted up ever so slightly

My nose is still verystuffy, but I can feel that slowly loosening, and the stitches still tingle and feel very tight, even the area where the stitches were removed.

It is still hard to laugh and I had to hold my mouth watching

Bump and twist completely gone!

Have I Got News For You last night! When you do something like this you realise just how much you use your face every day – I wrinkled my nose at a kid in pre-school doing something cute and nearly hit the roof. I tried to return a strangers smile in the supermarket and felt like I had torn my face off. I have no idea at all at the moment when Jay has poo’d and need to rely on someone elses olefactory senses to relay the requirement for a change to me!

But no regrets at all. Most definitely will not be running into the Ridgeway to shoot my consultant – but almost certainly dropping of a nice bottle of wine when I see him again in a months time. He’s done a fabulous job, and it must be more than just my biased opinion when already two of my friends today who have seen the results now say that they want nose-jobs too!

November 16, 2010


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Before...HelterSkelter nose!

Out of hospital! That…was….quite possibly…the most surreal experience ever. Except for having 3 kids without drugs of course!
The hospital was FANTASTIC. Many many thanks to BMI The Ridgeway staff, especially Kathryn, my nurse, it was a wonderful hospital, state of the art and full of really kind medical bods. I have never had any kind of surgery before, and the thought of it terrifies me which is why I have put this off for so long, but I have got to the point where the thought of not doing anything about it was actually becoming more scary than the thought of actually going ahead with it, and with the exchange rate being the way it is right now, with my 40th on the horizon, and with my new kamikaze approach to life I thought lets just do it. It couldn’t wind up any worse than it is now!
A few top tips first of all for anyone planning a hospital stay:
1) Don’t put your urine sample in the same style cup as your water cup, and DEFINITELY don’t then put them down in the same place on the counter…..
2) If you chicken out, make a run for it down the corridor and out the door. For health and safety reasons it seems the windows only open 10cms.
My op was scheduled for around 6pm, but thanks to someone (David??! What, were you redecorating in there??!) hogging theatre, I didn’t get down there until 7.45pm, by which time I was climbing the walls in terror, which is really really pathetic and I admit it, I am a total wuss. I mean, this is hardly open heart surgery. On the way down in the lift, the two lovely nurses talked about all the reasons why they would never have a nose-job! Bless them!
We went through some double doors marked “Operating Theatres” (v. scary. Now I see why the backs of hospital gowns are open – it saves on washing!) and once inside we were directed into theatre no. 1. We went into a little anaesthetic room, and they asked me to remove my dressing gown and slippers. Honestly, I felt like Anne Boleyn! I lay down on the gurney, and the first thing they did was stick heart minotors on my chest – badoombadoombadoombadoom – it was going 100 miles an hour I was so nervous!
The lovely anaesthetist (Dr Van Hamel, very nice) put a needle into my arm, and as previously explained to me, put the first drug in, whatever it was.  I also have no idea what the second was, but it made me feel lovely and woozy. Everyone was keeping me talking (i.e. distracted!) and even the lovely nurse that had brought me down flashed temporarily so we could all admire her belly button piercing (I had previously confessed to and removed mine).
I had expected that I would slowly get sleepy, and fall unconscious, fighting it all the way. This was the bit I was most scared of. How can anyone be put under against their will??! But the last thing I remember was someone asking how old the kids were, and answering whilst thinking “You just asked me that 10 seconds ago”. Bam! That was it! About 10 seconds later (it felt) I heard someone calling my name and felt like I was being moved on a bed down the corridor (which it turned out I was). Two hours in theatre, about an hour in recovery (longer than normal apparently but I was bleeding out a bit too much) and I was back to my room.
God bless the lovely male nurse (Ed, maybe?) who offered me morphine! The pain wasn’t really too bad, but even with mild pain if someone offers you morphine DON’T turn it down! It makes you feel so warm and fuzzy!
I remember eating a prawn sandwich, and having a cup of tea, and then falling asleep. All through the night I must have woken up 20 times to have a sip of water as I was breathing through my mouth and it got really dry. They checked my BP regularly, and had to change my dressings as I was still bleeding like a horror movie.
I am now home! Wish I could have stayed in hospital longer! Will be sleeping upright on the sofa tonight!  First day post-op I have two lovely shiners  beneath both eyes, and the swelling actually seems to be getting worse not better – all normal, I have been told to expect this. I have a plaster cast on my nose, and it definitely feels like it has been gone at with a hammer and chisel. Painful, but under the cast it is well protected and Ibuprofen is doing the job.
The worst bit is the oozing coming from both nostrils. It is VERY uncomfortable, and the internal stitches sting and burn with every fresh ooze. I also have what looks like 3 stitches across my columnella – the bit between my nostrils – and they are kind of itchy and sore. My nose is just constantly dripping blood and fluid. I feel like I have the worst cold ever – completely blocked up and the swelling inside my nose causes a build-up of pressure every now and then to the point that, just where I feel like my face is going to explode, there is a funny gurgling sound and it all dies down again. Kind of cool, really!
I am told the bruising and swelling will get worse before it gets better. I am having the plaster and stitches removed on Friday. Dreading someone coming at my poor busted-up face with a pair of scissors, but got to be done. I will post another post-op pic then, when the colours should be at their prettiest! Meanwhile, it is really fun walking around with all the dressings on and having everyone wonder what on earth has happened to you(!) Kai thinks its cool, Jay looks worried and keeps hugging me, and Mia says she doesn’t want me anywhere near her school until I look human again!

1 Day Post-op!


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